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《民主中国》About Us

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Democratic China
The mission of the organization is to promote democracy, freedom of expression and freedom of publication in China through the following educational and developmental activities:
  •  Highlighting and promoting public debate on the reform of China's legal system, especially the constitution, and practices that violate and undermine the bundle of rights related to the freedom of expression and publication .
  •  Providing an electronic platform to for Chinese citizens to practice their right to free expression as well as their right to access information.
  • Providing a forum for the exchange of ideas among Chinese and the international activists who advocate the abolishment of the Chinese government's control over expression and publication, especially for those that criticize the Chinese government's violation of the rights of freedom of expression and other related rights.
  • Bringing international attention and pressure on the Chinese government's practices that violate freedom of expression and publication in order to hold the government accountable for its promise to allow free expression.
  • Research and publications on the theory and practice of democracy and freedom of expression and freedom of publication in China.

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